Elite Homes are a residential property developer specialising in transforming land into stylish, high quality residential apartments and homes in pioneering new build schemes along the South coast of England.

The Elite Homes adopt the principle of delivering creative, desirable and profitable solutions to a rapidly growing market. This paves the way for a significant expansion of Elite Homes development program with exciting new residential schemes planned in excellent locations. Elite Homes understand that one size will not fit all. We conduct a detailed review of every project and determine the timber/building system that will be most competitive and efficient for the building.



Our land and development team utilises their extensive, diverse and expert knolwedge in planning policies and sourcing to find the most valuable land available.



Within our team we analyse every design to ensure we create the best use of space in every building so that every property flows freely from one space into another. Thereby creating spaces and buildings that people want to, not have to, live in.



Our construction team has many years of experince in delivering high quality buildings on time and on budget whilst still delvering the highest quality finishes whilst meeting the most stringent health, safety and environmental requirements.



People are absolutely crucial to the Elite Homes way of working. Our team culture is founded on the three pillars of vision, energy and control, ensuring that what we do is well planned, beautifully executed and delivers outstanding results for all of our stakeholders.


Our high morals are at the core of every thing we do. For our customers this means excellent build quality, sustainable, low energy developments combined with luxururious finishes and high quality design. For our partners and investors this means honesty and intergrity, minimising risk, security and relaibility. Elite Homes has a core in house team and also an outsourced team of high quality and award winning professionals. We have designed our business model carefully to keep operating overheads to a minimum so profits can be maximised and to keep a healthy cash flow.


Elite Homes is growing its business by utilising innovative funding, originally involving private individuals and consortiums along with smaller merchant banks and now moving towards more traditional senior debt credit lines with mezzanine finance. This is allowing Elite Homes to develop a number of schemes in parallel and establish strong financial administration and project management controls. Elite Homes approach is to purchase under developed assets and add value through creative imaginative design and planning gain turning them into high quality, high specification and affordable homes.


Offsite Construction brings these benefits to every Elite Homes:

  1. Cost and program certainty as final price and delivery date is fixed.
  2. Quicker design and specification program and much shorter build period mean that the same resources can handle twice as many projects.
  3. Less risk of exposure to delays and cost overruns.
  4. Less preliminaries, staff and finance costs.

Benefits of Offsite Construction


  • Rapid Site Erection
  • Protection from Adverse Weather
  • Fewer Trade Interfaces
  • Fewer wet trades
  • Less –on-site damage
  • Simplified site management
  • Certified 30/60 min fire solutions


  • Design for manufacture approach
  • Utilisation of CAD & CAM Software technology
  • Factory controlled conditions
  • Precision engineering
  • Greater accuracy and efficiency
  • Fewer completion defects
  • 3rd party Quality Assurance Accreditation


  • Responsible material sourcing
  • Chain of custody compliant
  • Minimal material waste
  • Recycling of waste products
  • High level of carbon sequestration
  • Fewer vehicle movements
  • 3rd party environmental assurance accreditation


  • Reduction in manual handling
  • Warm dry well-lit comfortable factory conditions
  • Semi-automation reduce effects of vibration


  • Excellent thermal properties
  • Air tightness detailing
  • UK building regulations compliant
  • Reduced fossil fuel consumption
  • Lower fuel bills

WHAT NEXT FOR Elite Homes?

Our objective is to become a leading developer of residential schemes by focusing on affordable homes in good locations across the South of England. We will do this by:

  • Maintaining the company’s focus on site identification and acquisition, cutting edge architecture and interior design, product development, innovative marketing and sales techniques, and robust cost control.
  • Identifying, through detailed market research, the location of our markets, the appropriate mix of uses within our schemes and the property requirements of our customers;
  • Detailed attention to before and after sales customer service.
  • Continuing to outsource professional services to highly skilled and effective teams in the architectural, engineering and project management sectors.
  • Increasing links with land owners with whom we can undertake joint venture projects.
  • Selecting key contractors and sub-contractors with whom we can work to deliver our projects on time and crucially to budget
  • Generating above average returns for our investors and funding partners.

Elite Homes at a Glance


Creating Luxury, maximising value

Development Area

South East England along the South Coast


5 Dedicated Professionals


Historic town of Arundel


Over 60 Years of Combined Experience

Secured Projects

Over £15m

Current Pipeline


Elite Homes

in 2 years’ time: £40m

We transform land into stylish, high quality residential apartments and homes